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More from Dublin life through Meredith's eyes

  • June 8, 2014

Boys In Blue

I took a lot of medicine this morning to ward off whatever sickness I’ve come down with. It’s important to not let a head cold get in the way of my experiences here. Today was our “cultural” experience of a Gaelic football game. The Dublin crowd was so rowdy it reminded me so much of Kyle Field on game days! If you ever want to see an Irish man in his natural state I suggest you stand on the Hill at Croke Park. The game was pretty interesting and I caught on pretty fast (well, at least I think I understood the game). I feel like even though sports are different back home the concept is still the same. Sports, like music, seem to be a universal concept. Everyone comes together and forget the troubles of the week, or that fight you had 2 days ago, and everyone just cheers for the home team and enjoys the atmosphere. It was a great experience and I think I’ll consider it cultural. I don’t know if I would want to be around when Dublin loses an important match, but I’d definitely go again!

Tip of the Day: ALWAYS expect rain in Dublin (When you don’t pack your rain jacket is the day it will rain, trust me)


  • June 9, 2014

study ABROAD

I realize I haven’t been talking much about class lately. That’s partially because I like to focus on the travel aspects of this experience. It’s funny how easy it is to forget the “study” in “study abroad”. Most of the time you just think of ABROAD…but there’s definitely some work behind that abroad experience. Besides writing my essay I kind of sat back and thought about the trip so far. Time is going by so fast with only 2 weeks left, but I’m starting to really miss home. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t really got to talk to my family, but it’s a great thing that I’ve been busy. I know that once my time in Dublin is over I’ll regret ever spending time wishing I was back home.

Tip of the Day: Just do your essay. Don’t put it off.

I worked on my essay all day…and no one wants a picture of that


  • June 10, 2014

Normal Day

As I sat down and started to think about what I did today I realized my days are getting more and more normal in respect to what I would do at home. Does that mean I’m more of a local now? I hope so! I’ve found simple pleasures of just going out, being around town, and just absorbing everything that’s going on. We have a big weekend coming up so right now I’m just kind of laying low and working on that “study” part that I mentioned earlier. Sometimes I think that class is so long, but then I realized that I’m getting full credit for this class in a short amount of time. Plus I really feel like I’m learning a lot about Ireland’s past, present, and future. The amount of information I didn’t know and still have yet to learn is incredible. There’s so much complexity to this country and I can’t help but find it all interesting.

Tip of the Day: Ask questions. Even if you think they’re silly, ask them! Take the opportunity to learn new things!

I just went shopping today…I bought a new purse.


  • June 11, 2014

Wild Adventures

After class we went to the Dublin Zoo. It was pretty WILD…mainly because we had to take 2 buses to get there. It wasn’t very crowded because most of the school groups were leaving for the day; this was a nice change from the city centre crowds I’ve grown accustomed to. I couldn’t help but compare the zoo here to the zoos I’ve been to back home. What I’ve concluded is that the US has the money or access to more animals. Apparently if you go to Dublin Zoo at 11:30 AM on weekdays you can catch all the animals being fed (or so I’ve been told). Dublin has started to remind me more and more of home which makes me miss Houston less. There’s finally a sense of belonging here. In fact, today at the bus stop a LOCAL asked US which bus she should take to get to Clery’s (the 13 will definitely get you pretty close). Even though she did call us “yanks” (which is offensive as an American AND a Texan) we still thought it was cool that we looked like we knew what we were doing! It’s crazy how fast my time is dwindling here. I need to soak up every single second! I’m sure the next few days will be full of fun because London is right around the corner…and I seriously cannot wait!

Tip of the Day: ALWAYS have your student ID because a lot of places in Dublin offer student discounts.


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