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Meredith keeps us in the loop with her Dublin adventure

  • June 3, 2014

Moving Day

My new residency is House 10 here at DCU. I was SO excited about moving today…the hotel just wasn’t a fun experience (especially not for 8 days). After unpacking everything I finally feel like I’m living in Dublin! Even though I got to unpack I have to repack for our field trip to the West tomorrow. I was so excited when my room key said I was on the 2nd floor, but then I remembered that ground floor is actually the first floor…so 2nd is actually the 3rd floor (even more like my time in Aston Hall, ha, funny how that works out). We finally found the Omni Center to buy “real” food. I say “real” food because I’m a college student, not a chef. So our masterpiece dinner was spaghetti. It was so nice to have a family style dinner; sitting down at the table together made me feel like I was with my family…almost like a placebo pill to cure a slight case of homesickness. I think it’s crazy how the right people can make you feel like you’re at home!

Tip of the Day: Bring reusable grocery bags to Ireland because 1) it’s easier to carry and  2)they charge you for plastic bags.

Today was busy and I forgot to take pictures


  • June 4, 2014

How Are Things On The West Coast?

Today I woke up at 4:30 AM and could NOT go back to sleep. Maybe I was just took excited to be in my apartment (or maybe it’s because I ate that chocolate before bed). No matter my amount of sleep we boarded the bus at 9 AM and headed West! Our first stop was at Strokestown House. I really didn’t know anything about the famine in Ireland and I especially didn’t know how the rich lived during that time. The house was incredible and I can’t believe it’s in such good condition. I found myself wondering about everything that had happened in the rooms, the conversations people had, and the fun stuff that went on. Our second stop was at Hennigan’s Heritage where we met Tom, a 6th generation family member that lived in a 1 room house. That house made my dorm room look like a mansion. From what I can see the West is MUCH different than Dublin. Life seems to be much quieter, slower, and more local (everyone seems to know everyone kind of thing).

Tip of the Day: Make sure you learn about the famine in Ireland; it’s not advertised but it’s extremely important to Irish history


  • June 5, 2014

More West Coast

Croagh Patrick can be seen from the entire drive in Westport, but being up close was incredible. We were told that people climb the mountain in their bare feet. I think I made it a meter before I had to turn around and put my shoes. Basically, I don’t think I could have made that my religious experience especially when every other step I  took came with a muttered “Oh My God”. Our trip to Achil Island. This was another experience in Ireland that made me fall in love with Ireland even more. It was much more quiet and peaceful than Dublin. The views were what you picture when you think of Ireland: GREEN (and sheep) EVERYWHERE! It was absolutely beautiful. I wondered how I came to Ireland last summer and never made it to the West coast. The sea and the sense of isolation had somewhat of a calming aspect. It was the perfect opportunity of realization of what I was doing with my life at this moment in time.

Tip of the Day: Step away from the city every now and then. Ireland has so many hidden gems.


  • June 6, 2014


Our trip out of Westport was a little delayed when we learned that someone had thrown a rock through our window. It was a realization that bad things happen even in seemingly perfect places. I was interested in the way the situation went. Noel and Ray never quite seemed to be stressed about it. I could only picture my mom freaking out on the other end when I told her. I’ve learned to really enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the people in Ireland; most people seem to go with the flow, what happens, happens. Everyone back home is so GO-GO-GO, so Ireland is a nice change (I almost hope that quality rubs off on me here). On the bus ride home we learned so much about Ireland’s history…we passed a significant battlefield that wasn’t even marked. There seems to be a lot of history that people simply don’t want to remember here.

Tip of the Day: Time seems to go by quicker here. Enjoy every second of it.

I had a picture of the bus window, but I accidentally deleted it


  • June 7, 2014

Local Coastal

Sleeping in is always good, especially when you don’t get to do it often. A quick trip on the DART put me in Howth today. The coast was so beautiful and a the weather was equally beautiful. One thing I did notice about Howth is that there was absolutely NO signage for anything…and if there was it wasn’t exactly accurate. I complained and complained but then I learned that it’s a local area and they don’t exactly want tourists flocking to the area. Then of course I understood why I saw so many families playing in the park. Just like I learned earlier in the trip, the locals really do make everything better. I guess it was just a sense of community that I enjoy…it gave the city more of a “home-y” feel. Unfortunately I had a huge headache and sore throat today. There are few things worse than being sick and being away from mom who can magically make sickness go away in a matter of hours. I’ll look at this as a challenge to being an adult (after I Skype my mom and ask her what’s the best medicine to take).

Tip of the Day: The best fish and chips are in Howth…so fresh it was probably swimming earlier that morning.


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