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Keeping up with Meredith on her second week in Dublin

  • May 30, 2014

Typical Tourist

The number one question upon arriving home from Dublin is: “Did you go to Guinness?” Okay, maybe it’s not…but it’s definitely a top question. So, yes, today I went to Guinness (am I certified Irish yet?). I also think when describing the Irish, Guinness is used.Now I’m not sure if every Irish person actually likes Guinness or if they were just born learning they should like it. It’s kind of like A&M for me, I grew up knowing that anything and everything A&M was deemed EXCELLENT…but I really shouldn’t compare beer to education (sorry mom). We met a man at the bus stop and he encompassed everything you picture an Irish man to be; he also gave us some pretty solid advice about the city. I’ve also noticed that anything food related is EXPENSIVE in Dublin. I had read that it was more expensive to eat out in Dublin, but it didn’t sink in until I had to start buying meals daily. But food is essential, and what better place to get Irish stew than in Ireland? I’ve learned the bus system (for the most part) but I can’t seem to learn how to properly walk on the bus when trying to leave…see tip of the day.

Tip of the Day: ALWAYS hold onto the railings on the bus (sorry to everyone I smacked with my back pack).


  • May 31, 2014

Dublin Skylines

I knew I loved Dublin from the moment I got to town LAST YEAR (that’s why I came back). Today solidified my feelings for the city entirely. I took the skyline tour at Croke Park and the view was breath taking, especially since the weather was beautiful. Sometimes the busy city life with thousands of people is overwhelming but the view today was quiet and I could see every bit of the city. For an hour it was as if the busy life beneath the stadium didn’t exist. It was also a good time to sit back and reflect on the time I’ve spent in Dublin so far. Of course everything about this experience involves learning so we did learn a good bit from our tour guide (mainly the best places to eat in City Centre). Dublin is also known for some good live music…including the Oasis tribute band, and even though they didn’t play Wonderwall I think the locals are what made it a fun night. That seems to be the trick to fun activities in Dublin; everything is bland until you get the locals involved.

Tip of the Day: Look at the city from different perspectives–whether it be from heights or a local perspective.


  • June 1, 2014

Music and Museums

Today was another good day in Dublin (of course, what’s new)! I ended up at the archaeology museum and wandered through the exhibits. I really appreciate Dublin’s museum system 1) Because it’s free and 2) There’s SO much history in Ireland. I’ll be sorely disappointed next time I go to the museums in Houston. All of our walking led us to a new restaurant called KC Peaches. That’s one thing I really like about Dublin: just keep walking and eventually you’ll find something good. Another thing I like about Dublin is how much live music there is…mainly the street performers. I stood and listened to a band called Compass for 15 minutes. Everyone in the crowd just seemed to be having a good time listening to music. I think music is something that is universal, it’s just an all around good feeling listening to music and even better listening to it in Dublin singing songs with the locals. I also seemed to gain a sense of bravery here because I went up to the bass player and asked for a picture. Hey, I bought your CD the least you could do is take a picture with me.

Tip of the Day: Step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s a small step…maybe listen to music you usually wouldn’t


  • June 2, 2014

Low Key Laundry

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay to sleep in until 11:30 sometimes (I can’t even remember the last time I slept that late). There was no class today because it’s a Bank Holiday here in Ireland. I’m not 100% sure what that means but from what I understand they just wanted a day off, which is okay with me. I wish we got these Bank Holidays back home…I still complain about not getting Columbus Day off. There’s no such thing as a lazy day in Dublin so today we walked nearly 4 miles in total to do laundry. I want to say there’s a lesson out of this, but there’s really not. Although I do appreciate Aston Hall now…thanks for not making me pay to do laundry, and thanks for being right down the hall. We also made the decision to get even more involved in the local “culture” and go to a Gaelic football game next weekend. That’s cultural right? Tomorrow is moving day so GOODBYE REGENCY, hello new chapter of my Dublin life!

Tip of the Day: Try sparkling pink lemonade, it’s delicious (sorry this isn’t inspirational, but really try the lemonade)

I also don’t have a picture because all I did was laundry;)



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