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(Note from the Blogger: Due to a technical error, this should be the second post, as opposed to the third. Sorry for the inconsistent scrolling)

I'm sorry if you made tea on that previous post to make sure you had something to quench your thirst through reading. I realized how obnoxiously long it would be. Anyways, a new day a new post seems more manageable.

Wednesday, June 30th found us at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I had gone here once before thinking I was going to mass. This was a mistake. Anecdote!

My friend Shelley from the first session, and one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, asked if I wanted to go to mass one night. I thought: "Sure! C'mon Andy, you're in Ireland and you're Catholic. You GOTTA go to mass! It's like being in France and not having wine." So I hop on board and start telling everyone the ins and outs of Catholic mass and giving witty zingers and self-deprecating jokes, just straight HAMMIN' it up. Anyways, we get to the Cathedral and we take our places in the pews and we witness a solid 40 minutes of this grandiose, epic, Prog-Rock kind of Vocal performance. It was like if Pink Floyd wrote church hymns. Everything was sung, the melody always changed, and the organ just kept pumping out the most depressing, hope-crushing bass notes ever. I left in a state of confusion and disbelief. Everything I knew about Catholicism was wrong! Was I that out of practice at going to Church? I had some serious "Father, I have a problem" concerns running through my head.

I learned on this day however, I had no idea what the hell was going on because it was an Anglican church. Crisis of Faith Averted!

St. Patrick's is a beautiful Cathedral on the outside and ever cooler on the inside. It's packed with marble statues and old Loyalist Irish World War 1 Flags and a bunch of stuff for Johnathon Swift. It seemed like the Church was having a garage sale of all the really sweet stuff they had.

An added bonus was a super dope park next to it! Before the aforementioned denomination switch up I hung out in it for a hour because I mixed up in the times (and, of course, denomination). The Park also houses the reason for the Church's namesake. Legend has it that the park once had a fountain in which St. Patrick once baptized people. That's probably better than a jungle gym.


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