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I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all of you who waited with bated breathe for my weekly blog updates. It is currently the last day of the session, and I am prepared to synthesize an entire month's experiences into one post. Get a cup of tea, get a Flake 99 cone, grab a Fanta with real orange juice in it, it's about to get real.

Let's start from the very beginning of the middle!

Blogger's Logger: June 29th
Dear Future Procrastinating Andy,
I sure can't wait till you put up these daily blog updates! Imagine it! Friends, family, and aspiring travelers such as yourself getting real time updates of Ireland! I wonder what July is going to be like!
Love, Present Andy

Sorry, bud. On the 29th we visited St. Michan's, which is one of the few parishes on the North Side of the river. The Church itself is pretty underwhelming compared to the massive Christchurch a mere few blocks away. However, the old adage holds up here. "Don't Judge A Church Until You Walk 5 Meters Below It's Foundations and Look at the Mummies."


The crypt under St. Michan's was found to have the perfect conditions to preserve corpses after one of the privately owned coffins broke and upon investigation a perfectly preserved human being was there as opposed to a regular old bag of bones.The mummies were as creepy and unsettling as one would expect, especially when your guide insists that touching a mummified Crusader's finger is good luck.

After touching a dead human being, I bet get some luck. Or hand-sanitizer. Preferably the former, but, in a pinch, I'll settle for the latter. Whatever I did the rest of that day is unimportant and mundane. I think I ate at Boojums, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BOOJUMS.

Boojums is a Burrito restaurant similar to the American chains Chipotle or Qdoba, but it's in Ireland. There's a place that serves humongous burritos. In Ireland. I'm in Ireland. I still can eat humongous burritos. It makes me misty eyed just thinking about it. I'll talk more about my favorite restaurants and such whenever I was lame and didn't do anything.

Till tomorrow!
- Andy


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