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Dublin Castle 'n' Stuff - 6/7-13/7

This week we had a lot of free time so I did more of the aforementioned bumming around and hanging out with friends from the session. A friend from freshmen year came in, we watched the World Cup, nothing Earth Shaking.

 Dublin Castle is a really cool spot. The inside is gorgeous. If you are a fan of old houses, walking around old houses, looking at classic architecture, looking at Victorian and Elizabethan furniture and decorations, go to Dublin Castle. They also sell post-cards with Family Crests on them. "A Cat When Stroked Is Gentle". Way to go Kane Clan.

With this break in the action, let me tell you about a rekindled love affair: Sugar and I.

In Europe, no one uses preservatives. In your candy bar and in your soda you just high quality ingredients and high quality sugar. On the downside, everything is way more empty calorie pack. On the upside, the majority of your beverage/snack food isn't made in lab. I am bringing home a treasure trove of goodies to show America the joys of sugar and hopefully it will catch on here. Or we can stick with the chemicals, I've been cool with them so far.

See you in Northern Ireland!


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