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And then there was 2 and a half hours until I go to the Airport.

I am writing this literally at last possible second, so I feel pretty good about recapping what I have learned this trip, in no particular order.

  • No one likes American guys. No one. We are boring in our own country and viewed as dead-weight for American Girls, which are the Golden Key to getting into any place or getting any discount. Thanks, American Female Friends
  • IRISH PEOPLE LOVE PRINGLES! SERIOUSLY! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! ALL SORTS OF FLAVOURS! HAVE YOU EVER HAD PRAWN PRINGLES? They have! They love 'em! You get an American Girls with a tube of Pringles they just might hand you the key to the city.
  • When someone asks me where I'm from, I say Wisconsin. I'd say "America" or "The States" and they would be annoyed with me for assuming they couldn't figure that out.
  • Open Container laws on mass-transit systems cut down on drunk driving, but exponentially increase the chance of having a drunk homeless man fall asleep next to you.
  • Irish people know how to say their Th's in words like "Three" and "Theory", they just choose not to.
  • I look 17. People were incredulous when they would see I'm no longer a teenager.
  • I love Kebabs.
  • I love the Dog Track
  • Whenever you go t--Wait, back to the Dog Track.

Every session we have a "Farewell Dinner" at a nicer restaurant and usually have a very pleasant time. However, someone had the idea to have it at the Dog Track. So our pleasant time turned into a SUPER AWESOME TIME! What is better than eating salmon while watching the 12-1 dog place in second place? I'll tell you what, actually placing a bet on that instead of idly talking about it, like I did. The adrenaline, the chance, the surprisingly low amount of dead-beat heroin addicts, I love it!

  • Without fail, every time I told an Irish Person I was from Wisconsin they said, I quote: "THAT 70S SHOW!" This was a good 20 interactions that his happened. They LOVE That 70s Show, and most likely never met someone from Wisconsin. Which I why I got the following follow up questions:
    • "Living in a city must be a serious culture shock"
    • "I bet you're finally enjoying a farm summer!"
    • "You're from WiSCONsin?" - That was from Americans.

All in all, I've had an absolutely incredible experience that I can say with a great deal of certainty that I'll remember forever. The CIEE staff has been absolutely fantastic with Don and Martin being equal parts knowledgeable and personable. Dublin is now my second favorite city in the world and I look forward to coming back whenever possible. However, there is no place like home. It will be bittersweet in two hours when I have to get in that cab, but I feel confident knowing that I've done everything I could have dreamed of and more here.

Deuces, Ireland.

Hopefully next time we meet I can have a job.

....Alright, I gotta finish packing.


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Pringles is also my all-time favorite snack. Always love the spicy one which make my day happy. Sour cream and cheese too.

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