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There is an overwhelming chance that no one really cares about this, but this was the day I got to ride the Luas. The Luas is a train that cruises through the city at a moderate speed and rings a little bell that makes sure you don't get a basis for a claim against the City of Dublin Transit Authority. One thing I found weird about the Luas is how trusting everyone was. You don't need a ticket to get on, well, you do, but getting on is as easy as just opening the door and getting on. The Honor System is strong in Ireland, be I of looser morals or stronger nerves, I would have exploited this. However, I still get nervous taking Pennies from the Take/Leave a Penny, so I played this one pretty straight laced.

The Irish National Museum is in Collins Barracks, which is a former Military Barracks and it is ENORMOUS. The multitude of exhibits in the museum excluding, the sheer span of the courtyard makes your head spin. I felt like Lawrence of Arabia trying to get across.

The museum is free to the public and has some high quality exhibits. There was a fantastic installment about the 1916 Rebellion. However, after spending a month and 3,000 words talking about the Rebellion, I was a little drained. I made my way over to the Celtic Cross exhibit. I expected model sized crosses in glass containers with index cards giving a quick rundown of the specs.

Boy howdy was I wrong! MONOLITHIC RECREATIONS! EVERYWHERE! It was great being able to get to see all sides of the cross up close to get all of the details, along with the descriptions of what each cross has on it. Celtic Crosses have depictions and symbols on every inch of them and due to being around for hundreds of century, the fine details have worn off so I can never tell if something is supposed to be a lion or a water jug, or any of the other plethora of Biblical references a Celt can carve into some stone.

I remember it was warm that day so I treated myself to a Milkshake.
But more on that later. For now, let's go back in time, since I messed up how to use this.


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